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Jane "Hanna" Schröder

Jane has been a member of Steirkraft Musi since 2007 as an all-around talent.

At four years of age, she made her debut on stage as a dancer. At eight years of age, she began training on her first musical instrument.
In her free time she enjoys brewing beer and riding horses.

She plays guitar, steirische Harmonika and sings.


Karl Schröder

Karl is the founder (since December, 2006), musical and technical leader, as well as office technical administrator and secretary of Steirkraft Musi.

Before he started Steirkraft Musi he was a professional concert pianist who specialized in 1920's jazz piano. He has previously led several other popular volksmusik groups and has played with many others.

By six years of age, he had mastered the steirische Harmonika and was performing on the piano.

In his leisure time, he makes sausage at his house or works in the garden.

He plays steirische Harmonika, accordion, keyboards, zither and sings.


Gretchen Schröder

Gretchen was born on April 13, 2003. She plays steirische Harmonika, guitar, sings and jodels.

She is the daughter of Jane and Karl.